Life Coaching

Helping You Get to a Brighter Tomorrow 

We all have our plans and expectations for how our lives should go. What happens when life throws you that unexpected curve? It can take a great deal of courage to find your way. It’s much easier with a coach who’s been there and is ready to guide you. No one wants to admit they need help, but how long do you want to suffer? There’s no shame in hiring a coach. In fact, that act alone demonstrates your courage, and your confidence in yourself. I’ve experienced a number of life crisis moments, and I’ve worked with coaches who have helped me summon my resilience, resourcefulness, and optimism. Because of them, I’m now in a position to help you.

Life has handed me more challenges than I ever expected. I’m proud (and relieved) to say my children and I have found our way and become stronger and closer for it. We can handle anything if we maintain our optimism and resourcefulness. That’s where the value of a coach is truly evident.

Areas in which I can help you:

•  Finding a New Direction for Yourself

•  The Journey to Start a Family (Miscarriage/Birth/Adoption)

•  Divorce and its Impact on You and Your Children

•  Easing Parental Stress (learning disabilities/ADHD, unexpected medical issues, family relationships, first jobs, driver’s license, and college bound)

I commit to provide a coaching atmosphere of encouragement and support. I will honor your strength and resilience even in those moments when you feel like it doesn’t exist. I know it does, and I will hold that space for you until it returns. And, yes, it will return and with it will come new perspectives, ideas, and answers.

Call 978-808-0102 now to schedule your complimentary clarity session.

In this one-hour session, we will start to get to know each other and I can learn about your goals and desired outcomes. From there, I will outline a plan for helping you accomplish your goals. If it feels right to you, we will move forward. You decide.

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